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Outsound Festival John Shiurba will premiere his composition 9:9 at the 2012 Outsound Music Summit

9:9 is a suite of nine pieces written to be interpreted by nine players with a prompter/conductor. The score will utilize nine different types of notation all of which are somehow derived from the newspaper, so the piece acts as a celebration and/or elegy for the old-fashioned print medium. The notation types will vary from standard music notation to graphic, textual and pictorial notation, allowing the ensemble some creative input in the interpretation. The form of the suite will be open, allowing the conductor and the players to spontaneously shape the way the music develops in real time.

John Shiurba
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Many recordings by John Shiurba are available on bandcamp now, including a new selection of solo guitar music.

Limited Sedition Limited Sedition is John Shiurba's improvised music label which has released over 30 cds since 1998, including recent releases by John Shiurba's 5x5 with Anthony Braxton and Dan Plonsey's Daniel Popsicle ensemble

The Molecules The Molecules is a rock/noise/punk-jazz/etc band which was started in 1990 by Ron Anderson and Tom Scandura. John Shiurba became the 3rd bass player in 1996. The Molecules have a new CD/DVD called Friends available now

The Molecules on myspace

Spezza Rotto

Spezza Rotto il gruppo della roccia di John Shiurba che il ritmo pazzesco dei giochi e canta tutte le relative parole in italiano dopo che le traduca su un fotoricettore luogo

scattisi qui per comprare il nostro CD

Spezza Rotto sul mio spazio


... is John and Angela. 2 guitars and singing. CD in the works

Pink Mountain

Pink Mountain features John Shiurba with Kyle Bruckman (Lozenge), Sam Coomes (Quasi), Gino Robair (Tom Waits) and Pinkmeister Scott Rosenberg (PAF)


John Shiurba started Eskimo in 1986 with David Cooper and Eric Bonerz. Over the years the band also included Mark Landsman, Greg Walker, Tom Yoder, Steve Lew, Andrew Borger and Matt Small.


bio and discography